Honor Committee

Undergraduate Honor Committee

Welcome to the online home of Princeton University's Honor Code

In 1893, the Honor Code was established as an agreement between faculty and students to uphold a high standard of academic integrity at Princeton. While the words of the Honor Code Constitution have evolved with time, the underlying spirit of trust and commitment to original academic work pervades the University community.

At Princeton, all in-class examinations, including finals, midterms, and quizzes, are administered under the Honor Code. Students pledge their honor that they have not attempted to give or receive an unfair advantage during examinations. In exchange, faculty proctors are not present in examination rooms. Additionally, students pledge a responsibility to report all suspected violations of the Code to the Committee. The duality of obligations emphasizes the importance of student to student accountability, a foundational value of the Honor system.

The Honor Committee, a group of fifteen elected or appointed members of the student body, is responsible for upholding the Code. Members follow constitutionally mandated procedures to investigate and adjudicate alleged Honor Code violations.

On this website, you will find the current Constitution, contact information for members of the Committee, and information outlining Committee procedure.

If you have any questions about the Honor Code, I strongly encourage you to contact me.

Matthew Wilson '24
Chair | Undergraduate Honor Committee