Report & Investigation

A suspected violation of the honor system is usually brought to the attention of the Honor Committee by a reporting witness. The reporting witness is typically a faculty member, a student, or the violator. After receiving the report, the Chair of the committee will assign two members of the committee to conduct a thorough investigation of the allegation. If necessary, the investigators will meet with the student in question. The meeting in which investigators notify the student in question of the alleged violation will be recorded to ensure fairness. The student in question may also have a witness present during the meeting with the investigators. If the chair and investigators jointly determine that the facts of the case should be evaluated by the entire committee, a hearing will be scheduled. A representative from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students will serve as a procedural adviser for the student in question. The two investigators and/or the chair will inform the student in question that the case will  proceed to a hearing, and the student will be given at least 24 hours notice.  The committee may also ask potential witnesses to appear at the hearing.  As much confidentiality as possible is maintained during the investigation in order to protect the principals from rumor.